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We are more than just yoga! Everyday is based on the philosophy that emotional balance, calm and constant peace can be achieved through 4 pillars. It's time for you to learn them!

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¡Descubre una mejor manera de encontrar paz mental!

Descarga nuestra guía de puntos básicos para mejorar tu balance emocional y alcanzar la paz mental

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We believe in the power of relaxation and retirement. That is why we plan several yoga, meditation and mindfulness retreats.


We believe in constant education as a way of spiritual growth. Follow our courses.


We believe in cultivating a community of support and well-being. That is why you can find a variety of events

"True yoga is not about the shape of your body, but the shape of your life. Yoga is not done, it is lived."

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Everyday Yoga

Learn to start your day in the best way!

We give you this free guide to help you learn more about yoga and meditation.


Everyday Psychology

Discover a better way to find peace of mind!

Download our guide to basic points to improve your emotional balance and achieve peace of mind


Everyday Wellness

The goal of Everyday Wellness is to help you optimize your well-being, not only so that you feel good physically but also so that you have constant inner clarity and peace. Living a more harmonious life in all aspects. Download the free Everyday Wellness guide for the 7 points you should know!

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Everyday Kitchen

We believe that correct nutrition is the foundation of health. Our physical and emotional health are significantly affected by the food we choose to eat. That is why at Everyday Kitchen we focus on foods that work for your body with diets customized to your physical constitution. Download our free recipes!



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